Cloud server resources upgrade options

Memory and Traffic

Each CloudPrima VPS server can upgraded with extra memory and traffic. Here is the pricing for the addons:

  • +1GB RAM - $5.00/month
  • +1TB traffic - $10.00/month

To add extra resources to any of your VPS servers, please open a ticket to the sales department from your control panel.

CPU and Disk

If you need to upgrade the disk or the CPU cores, the whole VPS server should be upgraded to higher plan. Extra disk space and vCPU cores are not offered as addons. The upgrade of the server plan is automated process. In order to upgrade any of your servers, please open the management page of the server and click on the "UPGRADE" button in the section with the server plan resources.

IP addreses

Available additional IPs depends on the VPS hosting plan. Extra IPv4 address costs $2.00/month and extra IPv6 address is free of charge

Upgrade options by plans:

Plan Max extra IPv4 Max extra IPv6
Prima XS; Cloud 1G 0 1
Prima S; Cloud 2G; Cloud 3G 1 2
Prima M; Cloud 4G 2 3
Prima L; Cloud 6G 3 5
Prima XL; Cloud 8G 4 7
Prima XXL; Cloud 12G; Cloud 16G; Cloud 24G; Cloud 48G 5 11

Have a question? Open a support ticket from your control and we will assist you.